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This is a homepage of Nordic Outdoor Therapy Network. This is a forum for inspiration, discussion, learning, and sharing the ideas for everyone who is into Outdoor Therapy in its broadest sense. We are eager to explore and conceptualize a Nordic approach to Outdoor Therapy and to promote the use of nature and the outdoors for therapeutic purposes in our part of the world.

Here in the north, our traditional and simple connection with nature and life in outdoors still thrives alongside urbanization and technological development. Some form of wilderness is seldom far away and many of us remain avid outdoor enthusiasts.

Freedom to roam or literally everyman's right is unique to the Nordic countries. Foundation of the law is a respectful relationship between people and nature, allowing us to spend time in the vast mountains, forests, lakes and sea with countless islands. We are inspired to develop therapeutic modalities where we honor the mutuality between what nature offers, and what we can give back.

On this website, you will find a short introduction of the network, what is going on in different member countries and frequently updated list of Nordic publications on the field. Our network is emerging, thus activities and even concepts are developing.

Are you working with or studying Outdoor Therapy, or otherwise interested in it? Please, feel free to contact us!

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NOTN representatives meeting in Aalborg, Denmark, March 4th-6th

Representatives from the Nordic countries met for the second time, now in Aalborg, Denmark. Markus Mattsson from Team Finland does the reporting from this meeting. Other participants included Thomas Kjaer & Tinna Mariager (Denmark), Pekka Lyytinen (Finland), Harpa Ýr Erlendsdóttir & Alda Pálsdóttir (Iceland, through Skype), Carina Ribe Fernee & Leiv Einar Gabrielsen (Norway) and […]

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What happened in the field of outdoor therapy in the Nordic countries in 2018: Finland

The Finnish adventure therapy network had three meetings in 2018, with the number of enthusiastic participants varying from eight to 19 people. Each of them consisted of thinking, discussing and doing, with discussion topics being inspired by the 2017 gathering of the Nordic network in Turku. The year’s first meeting was organized in February in […]

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What happened in the field of outdoor therapy in the Nordic countries in 2018: Denmark

The year of 2018 has been an exciting one for Denmark in regards to outdoor therapy, as we at our network meeting the 9-11 of march 208 decided to become an official association, and founded a board of 5 members, to facilitate the development of the Danish field. We have worked hard on the board […]

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What happened in the field of outdoor therapy in the Nordic countries in 2018: Sweden

Sweden is brewing with interest and excitement for the possibilities to form an active network between individuals and groups interested in developing the field of nature/forest/outdoor/eco/green/wilderness therapy and experiences. There are several ongoing individual projects around the country. Here are a few examples: Petra Ellora Cau Wetterholm describes her own work in forest therapy as […]

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What happened in the field of outdoor therapy in the Nordic countries in 2018: Norway

It seems fair to say that the focus on using outdoor experiences in some form of therapeutic sense is on the rise. At least we have started the process of knowing of one another and learning from one another. This said, outdoor therapy in Norway is still not a unified group and some players in […]

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